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NURS 238 - Culture of Health

Prerequisite (Advisory):

Prerequisite (Enforced): BIOLCHEM 212 and NURS 194 and 196 and 210 and 211 and 232 and 233 and 234 and 236 and 245

Credits: 3.00

Culture of Health --- This course focuses on wellness and health for individuals, communities, and populations. Students will explore health across populations; personal values, beliefs and practices around health; and the need for social sectors to partner together for health promotion. This course will be guided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Culture of Health framework as applied to the ecological model for nursing. Students will examine issues of health equity, improving well-being, integration of health services, and continuum of health. The relationship between personal health and a culture of health will be discussed. Strategies to improve well-being such as sleep, nutrition, and physical activities will be explored. lnterprofessional practice will be discusses as a key component of health promotion.