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HS 889 - InterventionResearch

Prerequisite (Advisory):

Prerequisite (Enforced): HS 888

Credits: 3.00

Foundations of Scientific Inquiry: Intervention Research --- This PhD-level course aims to provide fundamental principles of research methodologies in the health sciences, with a particular emphasis on intervention research. The course will provide an overview of a range of methodologies, including assessment, scale development, intervention development and implementation, program evaluation, and implementation science. All activities will contribute to an enhanced understanding of the research process-from initial question development through study implementation and dissemination of findings. Further, topics will also facilitate the ability to critically evaluate literature (particularly intervention literature) pertaining to nursing science, as well as other health and social sciences. Throughout the course, attention will be given to issues of ethics and culture, especially as pertaining to vulnerable populations. Ultimately, students will gain skills in both designing and evaluating intervention research.