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HS 510 - Health Informatics

Prerequisite (Advisory):

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Credits: 3.00

Foundations of Health Informatics --- This graduate-level course will deepen the understanding of how informatics fundamentally impacts care process, access, outcomes, value, costs and efficiency across diverse settings and populations. In addition to the introduction of fundamental informatics theories, principles, and practices, this course highlights the identification, definition, coordination, acquisition, storage, analysis, and communication of data as part of critical success factors for the organization and diverse users. Policy dimensions, particularly regarding patient engagement in information management and exchange, equitable access and the adoption of interoperability standards and regulations, will be incorporated. Tomorrow's leaders are those who have a deep understanding of the value of data as a strategic asset to the organization and the profession. The increasing importance of evidence, data analytics, and strategic thinking to achieve the organization's mission are core to this enhanced level of thinking.