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HS 501 - Expl Palliative Care

Prerequisite (Advisory):

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Credits: 2.00

Exploring Palliative Care --- This course is designed to provide graduate and undergraduate nursing students with an in-depth understanding of palliative care focusing on delivery of patient/family centered care in a variety of healthcare practice environments. Using an ELNEC (End of Life Nursing Education Consortium) undergraduate nursing student curriculum or APRN curriculum, students will gain knowledge about the comprehensive delivery of quality palliative care during curative concurrent therapies through transitions to comfort-focused care. Ethical aspects values and self-awareness will be explored as it influences delivery of care. Students will gain enhanced appreciation for a multidisciplinary team approach to care of the seriously ill patient. Students will develop interpersonal communication skills that are valuable when caring for patients with serious illness and working with families and interdisciplinary providers. This course will teach components of holistic care used along the palliative care continuum addressing spiritual, social, physical and psychological needs. The student will obtain a palliative care nursing education certificate of completion that can be place in their portfolio.