Program Plan

Traditional Nursing Ph.D.

4 Year Program Plan | Anticipated Fall 2020 (Credits: 50 - 85)
Winter 2023
Spring/Summer 2023

Year 4

Fall 2023
Winter 2024
Spring/Summer 2024
Program plan content and sequencing may change based on national standards, curriculum evaluation, and the incorporation of emerging best practices for educational course delivery.

1 Tailored Elective credit values must be equal to or greater than 9 credits and can be selected in variable credit amounts in the designated terms. Students must take a minimum of 3 analytic credits, 3 substantive credits, and 4 of the 9 must satisfy cognate requirements. Elective credit values within a given term may vary by student.

2 NURS 595 is only required for BSN-PhD students with less than 6 months of practice experience.

3 NURS 990 is taken prior to or during the semester when students take their candidacy exam; exact timing of the course is flexible based on the student’s progress.

4 Students are required to take a minimum of 8 dissertation (NURS 995) credits.