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NURS 554 - Advanced Practice Specialty Procedures and Skills for Primary Care

Prerequisite: Health Assessment, Advanced Patho, Pharm I/II, Clinical Decision Making Didactic per program, Advanced Clinical Practicum per program[Permission per program faculty]

Credits: 2

This course introduces the Nurse Practitioner student to the principles of advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities commonly utilized in the Advanced Practice Nursing role. It will highlight an understanding of the rationale for choosing specific diagnostic and treatment practices in the patient care setting, instruction on performing selected diagnostic and treatment procedures, and analysis and interpretation of findings based on these interventions. Content will include analysis of relevant laboratory data, interpretation of radiographs and EKGs. The student will have faculty supervised instruction and hands-on practice of selected and procedures that is specific to the patient population and practice sites related to the area of certification. Procedures such as wound repair, orthopedic splinting and casting, intubation, lumbar puncture, and others relevant to the specialty patient population will be offered.

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