Respondus for Students

How can students get help with Respondus Lockdown Browser

Student may submit a request for help online using the link below or drop-in to the Nursing-IT office Monday-Friday 8am-5pm for assistance with any Lockdown Browser issues they encounter.

Get Respondus Help

What is required of students to use Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Students are responsible for the following:

  • Reading and following guidelines for use of Lockdown Browser provided by their course instructor in their course syllabus.
  • Installing Lockdown Browser using the link below or the link provided by instructor in the syllabus.

Download Respondus


  • Completing the practice exam provided by the instructor using Lockdown Browser and ensuring Lockdown Browser is installed and is working. Students should report any issues with Respondus to their instructor and submit a request for assistance with the subject line “UMSN Respondus Help” through the Nursing-IT web portal at
  • Run and complete any system updates on their computer or tablet prior to their exam date. Students should update their computer or tablet a day before their exam. Updates can take 30 minutes or longer to run and/or requirement multiple reboots, so this should not be done during an exam. Additionally, students are recommended to reboot their computers.
  • Confirming that their devices are connected to the MWireless network or are connected to the campus network via ethernet in the classroom prior to starting Lockdown Browser. No other networks are be supported (mguest, mobile hotspots).
  • Completing the following checklists:

Student Pre-Exam Checklist:

  • I completed the practice quiz for this course prior to my first exam successfully and did not experience any technical issues.
  • I have confirmed my device meets the minimum system requirements for Lockdown Browser.
  • I have confirmed Respondus Lockdown Browser is up to date at least one week prior to my exam.
  • I have run all updates and rebooted my computer within one hour of my exam prior to class.
  • I have successfully connected to the U-M MWireless network prior to starting my exam.

Student In class Pre-Exam checklist:

  • I am connected the MWireless network.
  • I have closed all running programs before starting Lockdown Browser.

Student Post- Exam checklist:

  • I submitted a request for assistance through the Nursing-IT web portal with the subject line “UMSN Respondus Help” to troubleshoot an issue I had using Respondus Lockdown Browser during my exam.