UMSN calendar

The goal of UMSN’s internal calendar is to make it easier for our community to stay abreast of school happenings. The website calendar will remain in use as a public-facing tool. The internal calendar will be used for items that are not relevant to outside audiences, such as administrative meetings and lectures/training that are exclusively for School of Nursing members. Some events should be published in both locations.

How it works


1. Click on "Open Calendar" then scroll down to Open Shared Calendar. 

2. A pop-up box will appear. In the box, type UMSN-Common-Calendar. Then press ok. 

3. The calendar will be added to your shared calendars. 

Add items

Use this request form and send an e-mail to and Dean’s Office staff will coordinate with UM Marketing and Communications to ensure that information is appropriately added to the UMSN Common Calendar in Outlook and/or the UMSN website calendar. 

Your feedback is critical to making the internal calendar a success. Please send suggestions and questions to Mary Fallert