Topics in Health Equality, Inequities, and Disparities

Course Number: HS 494/ HS 594
Credit(s): 3
Course Categories: 
Master's, Undergraduate

This elective seminar/survey course explores the field of study of equality, inequities and disparities in health and health care. Pursuing specific areas of theory and research in health disparities, this course provides the philosophical and theoretical foundation essential for the development of the scientist. Students will explore and critique the current state of the science in health disparities, i.e., emphasis will be placed on defining concepts, developing methods and measures, examining the analytics and contemporary research on health inequalities, disparities, inequities/equity, and social determinants of health and social justice. Students will actively engage in intellectual discourse with faculty and peers (across all levels) regarding emerging science for the evaluation, critique and analysis of health equality and disparities in the science. To this end, students will develop and evaluate and theoretical product through synthesis of relevant theoretical and research literature.

The field of study of health equality, inequalities, and disparities is inherently interdisciplinary; faculty and guest lectures include several disciplines. There will be opportunities for students to engage with different teaching modalities, including experiential learning, case studies, and didactic presentations. The course meets the elective requirements for a minor or concentration in global or health equity.