Spanish Language for Healthcare Professionals

Course Number: HS 300
Credit(s): 6
Prerequisite(s): Spanish proficiency examination and permission of instructor

This is an interdisciplinary elective course integrating Spanish language immersion with a focus on health and healthcare in Oaxaca, Mexico. The purpose of this course is to strengthen the student's Spanish language skills while introducing them to global health concepts and organizations working to improve health in Mexico. The first two weeks are spent in seminars on the University of Michigan campus, where learning modules will introduce the student to Mexico's health care delivery system as well as global and public health concepts of health promotion, risk reduction and determinates of health in the Mexican population. For the subsequent four weeks the student will travel to a supervised international site in Oaxaca, Mexico. These four weeks are spent in intensive Spanish language instruction, including medical Spanish, and language and cultural immersion experiences in the region. The last two weeks are spent volunteering at a clinical or social services site in Oaxaca and continued instruction in medical Spanish.