Scientific Methods for Health Sciences: Fundamentals

Course Number: HS 550
Credit(s): 4
Prerequisite(s): Permission from instructor

This course introduces fundamental statistical concepts and methods to graduate students who need to understand research reports/scientific papers, analyze empirical data, or interpret statistical results. The topics covered by this course include basic SAS computational skills, organization and description of data, probability distributions, the normal distribution, sampling distributions, hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, inferences about a population mean and about a population proportion, independent sample and matched pairs sample t-tests, simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, Chi-square test, risk measures, odds ratio, and analysis of variance (ANOVA). The emphasis of the curriculum is on the practical aspect of the statistical methods with the mathematical models and computation introduced at a minimal technical level. Students will learn to be users of these statistical methods through real data examples, group activities, lab sessions, discussion sessions, Piazza, and homework.