Nursing Care of Patients with Complex Needs II

Course Number: NURS 459
Credit(s): 2

Building on NURS 457, this course will assist students to synthesize knowledge and skills required of new graduates including refinement of clinical judgment and reasoning, problem-solving, priority-setting, time management, and interdisciplinary collaboration and communication. Students are expected to demonstrated increased independence in planning, implementing, and evaluating nursing care for multiple patients with complex needs based on nurse-sensitive outcomes. Emphasis will be placed on recognizing what is more and less important in clinical care situations. Students will identify and implement strategies for resolving conflicts arising from diversity issues and moral, ethical, and legal dilemmas in clinical practice. Elements of social justice including access to health care, equity, racism, sexism, and ageism will be incorporated into addressing the complex needs of patients and their significant others. Issues related to professional development including licenser, career strategies, and involvement in professional organizations will be discussed.