Nursing Care of Patients with Complex Needs

Course Number: NURS 457
Credit(s): 2
Prerequisite(s): NURS 352, NURS 354, NURS 356 and NURS 358

The course will focus on the delivery of outcome-based clinical nursing care for individuals across the life span with complex (multifaceted biological, psychological, and social) health care needs and their families, as well as assisting students with the transition from student to Registered Nurse. Students will learn to critically assess patients within complex contexts, and implement appropriate therapies to restore, maintain, or promote health or peaceful death. Knowledge from the basic and clinical sciences, evidenced-based research, and other relevant sources including the patient and family will be used to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of nursing interventions. Students will incorporate recent technological advances in care of patients with complex needs. The influence of life-stage, genetics, family, racial-ethnic, and cultural variables as well as those of the larger social context as they impact selection and implementation of therapies and their associated clinical outcomes will be highlighted. Just and equitable care for individuals and families regardless of personal or social circumstances will be emphasized. Clinical experiences are selected to enhance mastery of critical reasoning, communications and collaboration, and clinical skills necessary for providing holistic nursing care across settings to individuals with complex health care needs and/or in complex contexts.