Intervention Research

Course Number: NURS 881
Credit(s): 3
Prerequisite(s): NURS 880, HS 851 and HS 852 (co-requisite) or permission of the instructor

The focus of this course is on the critical examination of individual, systems, and population focused intervention research. The course will provide an overview of types of interventions (e.g. medical, behavioral, systems, implementation). Research designs developed for efficacy, effectiveness and implementation interventions will be compared and contrasted. Special attention is given to achieving positive health outcomes for individuals and groups/populations across the lifespan with special attention to vulnerable populations. Use of technology in the design, testing, and implementation of interventions will be discussed. Students will critique intervention studies related to their substantive areas, propose gaps in the state of the science, and propose future directions in intervention testing significant to advancing knowledge, practice, and policy in their substantive areas.