Health Promotion and Risk Reduction

Course Number: NURS 230
Credit(s): 3
Prerequisite(s): BIOCHEM 212 and NURS 210

In this course, students gain an understanding of the concepts of health, healthy lifestyle behavior, health promotion, levels of prevention, diversity and risk; factors that influence health and healthy lifestyle behaviors; basic dynamics of behavioral change; and substantive content in nutrition, physical activity, and psychological well-being. Theoretical and empirical support for promoting health and reducing risk behaviors is examined as a basis of understanding ways that diverse individuals can positively influence their own health and wellness. The role of professional nursing in promoting health behavior is examined. Using substantive content, exemplar behaviors of nutrition, physical activity, and coping and adaptive behaviors will be examined from the student's perspective to gain an understanding of their contribution to health and wellness. Underlying dynamics, such as self-efficacy and resilience, will be examined within the context of the theoretical and empirical literature and standards for the nursing profession. Students will examine potential strategies for influencing health behavior change.