Health Maintenance and Restoration I

Course Number: NURS 254
Credit(s): 2
Prerequisite(s): NURS 152

This course is the first of two sequential courses to introduce students to the role of critical and reflective thinking as a process to synthesize knowledge and master basic nursing skills needed to promote, maintain, and restore health in clients. The course will integrate nursing process, principles of therapeutic communication, decision-making, and basic nursing skills necessary for applying research to the experience of health and illness of individuals, families and groups from diverse ethnic, cultural and geographic backgrounds. Concepts drawn from basic, physical, psychological, social, applied and nursing sciences will be used to organize a framework for students to compare and contrast influences of social, cultural and environmental factors on health maintenance and restoration in health and illness. Lectures, seminars, clinical settings, self direction, and state of art technologically-based individual and group projects will provide experiences for gaining knowledge to assess, plan implement and evaluate basic nursing interventions.