Enhanced Clinical Competency Elective Course

Course Number: HS 200
Credit(s): 1-2
Prerequisite(s): Permission from instructor
Course Categories: 
DNP, Master's

This elective course will utilize theoretically-based teaching strategies and simulated clinical experiences to provide development of enhanced clinical competencies with leveled complexity for undergraduate nursing students who are self and/or faculty referred. The course will focus on assessing student learning needs and application of classroom theory to the clinical environment, psychomotor skills, judgment and clinical reasoning. Students will integrate research evidence, professional standards and principles from sciences and humanities into nursing care. The opportunity for repetitive practice and contextual application will be provided to students in the simulated clinical setting, allowing for assessment, cue recognition, problem identification, priority setting, decision-making, implementation of appropriate nursing actions and evaluation of patient outcomes. Systematic faculty assessment and student self-assessment of knowledge, skills and attitudes will occur throughout the course.