Critical Elements in the Study of Family and Health

Course Number: NURS 568
Credit(s): 3
Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing or permission of instructor.

In this course, students will analyze multiple theoretical perspectives and empirical literature as a basis for understanding diverse families and the complex nature of the interrelationships among family, health, illness and health related behaviors across the life span. These interrelationships will be examined with the context of critical social, cultural/ethnic/racial, political, economic, and technical environments. Current trends regarding family structure and function will be analyzed to build a comprehensive understanding of the changing nature of families. Implications of family theories, nursing conceptual frameworks, and the empirical literature for clinical practice with families across the lifespan will be emphasized. Particular attention will be given to developing a theoretical approach to definition of family and family assessment, interviewing skills, and identification of family interventions that promote the health of the family unit.