Care of Adults with Cancer

Course Number: NURS 501
Credit(s): 3
Prerequisite(s): Undergraduates: All level 1 and level 2 courses. Graduates: No prerequisites.
Course Categories: 
DNP, Master's, PhD, Undergraduate

Given the considerable burden of cancer on patients, families, and society, this course aims to prepare students in the care of this complex collection of diseases. In this fourth-year elective, undergraduate nursing students will build upon a strong foundation of medical-surgical, psychiatric, and community health nursing to examine the spectrum of cancer, from detection and risk reduction, through active treatment and side effect management, to survivorship and end-of-life. Undergraduates and graduate students in other disciplines are welcome to take the course to understand the essential clinical issues faced by patients with cancer and their families.

Students will identify the biological and genetic determinants of cancer, examine the pertinent issues surrounding diagnosis, treatment, and supportive care, and formulate plans of care for advanced disease, psychosocial support, survival, and palliative care. Evidence-based 95 interventions will be highlighted throughout the course. Cancer care is inherently interdisciplinary; faculty and guest lectures will include several disciplines. There will be opportunities for students to engage with different teaching modalities, including experiential learning, case studies, and didactic presentations.