Adult--Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist Nursing Theory II

Course Number: NURS 575
Credit(s): 4
Prerequisite(s): NURS 573, PHARM 659 (concurrent), PHARM 660 (concurrent), NURS 503 (concurrent), NURS 502 (concurrent)

This second management course focuses on complex chronic health conditions and their acute exacerbation's in adults and older adults, including multiple co-morbidities and functional losses. The course builds on knowledge and skills from Advanced Practice Nursing 1, Clinical Practicum 1, Pathophysiology, and other core courses. Evidence-based, advanced practice nursing interventions consistent with the CNS and NP roles will be discussed to assess and manage complex chronic health conditions and the impact on self-care management practices, family care giving, surrogate decision-making, quality of life, and end-of-life. Issues of age, culture, race, gender, sexuality, genetics, psychosocial well-being and socioeconomic status will be addressed. Other key concepts include patient and family education/counseling, ethical principles/standards, interdisciplinary collaboration, and community resource utilization. Students will utilize conceptual and theoretical frameworks and evidence-based knowledge to develop an advanced practice management plan of care to address the chronic complex health care needs of adults and older adults. Emphasis will be placed on maximizing quality of life and minimizing the negative sequelae associated with acute exacerbation's of chronic illnesses and managed within tertiary acute care and sub acute care settings. Principles of diagnostic and therapeutic treatment modalities will be expanded upon to provide a comprehensive understanding of interventions commonly provided to adults and older adults with acute, critical and chronic illness. Students will gain procedural experience in paracentesis, casting, ehoracentesis, and central line insertion thru laboratory simulation.