Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist Nursing Theory I

Course Number: NURS 573
Credit(s): 4
Prerequisite(s): PHARM 659, NURS 503 and NURS 502

This course focuses on acute health conditions in adults and older adults with an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. Competencies for both CNS and NP advanced nursing practice are addressed. Evidence-based, advanced practice nursing interventions (consistent with the CNS and NP role) will be discussed to assess and manage acutely ill adults and older adults. Issues of age, culture, race, gender, sexuality, genetics, psychosocial well-being and socioeconomic status will be addressed. Health promotion, stress and coping and cultural theories are integrated throughout the course. Primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of health promotion and disease prevention will be evaluated within inpatient/hospital settings and across hospital to clinic settings. (e.g. ED, ICU, acute care units and specialty clinics.) Other key concepts include diagnostic reasoning and decision-making skills, healthy lifestyle, patient and family education/counseling, and treatment seeking decisions of acutely ill adults and older adults. Students will apply evidence- based knowledge to develop a holistic management plan of care that addresses the complex health problems of adults and older adults. Further, principles of diagnostic and therapeutic treatment modalities, such as invasive testing, interpretation of radiographs, ECG monitoring, and analysis of relevant laboratory data will be included. Students will practice procedures such as suturing joint aspiration, lumbar punctures, and intubation in a simulation environment.