Welcome to my office

We asked U-M School of Nursing staff to show us around their home office and share something in their space that inspires, calms or motivates them.

Erin Maki-Spadafore, HR generalist associate

In my home office space, I added a small letterboard, which my husband and I like to change up with jokes and more clever or seasonal sayings. It's been fun to change it every couple of weeks to something that helps keep things more lighthearted! It's also a nice, fun thing to see when I sit down at my desk every morning.

Katie Martin, recruiting coordinator senior – graduate

My new coworkers, my two dogs Phoebe and Buddy, are always a calming presence. As senior dogs, they can usually be found napping in their dog bed near where I'm working. I can count on them to remind me to take breaks so I can pet them and pay more attention to them.

Katie Martin at desk

Katie Martin Dogs


Kelly Palkowski, stewardship officer intermediate

My U-M blanket knit, a graduation present hand-knitted by my mother, who is a nurse of 52 years at Henry Ford West Bloomfield. (Daughter brag moment: My mom was their Employee of the Year in 2019.)

Kelly Palkowski at Desk

Michigan blanket



Kelly Doonan-Reed, business systems analyst senior

My kitchen banquette nook inspires and motivates me every day. It hosts our “best part of your day” dinner conversations,  game night, virtual art projects with friends over Zoom, home cooking, school and more. To focus on what we can do rather than what we are missing, my family spent a rainy fall weekend designing and painting a mural to brighten our space.


Scott Krywoko, business process consultant associate

My wife bought me a Michael Scott (from The Office) motivational poster for my birthday that I now keep on my desk at all times.

Office poster