A message from U-M School of Nursing academic program leadership

Dear U-M School of Nursing students,

Many of you are deeply impacted by the recent killings of African Americans and the sense of pain and powerlessness that is being expressed across the country. This is happening as we also see increasing racial disparities in health and an anti-Asian racism that has only been exacerbated since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The summer and virtual learning environment make it challenging for us to connect with one another on campus. We invite all of you to attend a community conversation this Thursday in the virtual Brave Space at 11 a.m. Please register here. This will be a facilitated conversation where you can share your feelings and experiences, have an opportunity to connect with others, or even brainstorm future initiatives or events for the school. 

We also recognize that many may not feel they are in a space where they want to reach out about this. We can understand that, too. Please know, if there is some way we can support you, at any point, go ahead and reach out to us directly.

The H.E.A.L. document was created by JC Garcia, a U-M undergraduate student, and is aimed to support the needs of people in different aspects of mental health and different walks of life. 

Thank you, 


Dr. Dana Tschannen,  Clinical Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Lisa Kane Low, Professor, Associate Dean for Practice and Professional Graduate Studies

Dr. Ellen L. Smith, Professor, Director, Ph.D. Program

Dr. Rushika Patel, Chief Inclusion Officer