Sigma Rho Chapter nursing honor society proudly announces its newest members

Sigma Rho Chapter nursing honor society proudly announces its newest members. These students and nurse leaders have demonstrated high academic achievement and outstanding leadership in their professional roles. Rho is the University of Michigan chapter of Sigma, an international nursing organization with members in over 100 countries.  The mission of Sigma is to develop nurse leaders anywhere and to improve healthcare everywhere.

A message from Dean Hurn to new Rho Chapter members:
"Now more than ever, the world needs the brightest minds in the field of nursing. You represent the leaders and best at our school, and I'm confident in your ability to move our profession forward at this critical time. You have joined a historic chapter with a rich tradition of excellence, and you should be proud. Congratulations on this significant accomplishment."

Welcome to the 55 new members of Rho Chapter!

Bailey Nicole Abney

Emma Barr

Rebecca Barrie

Eric Beedle

Grace Bontrager

Courtney Buckley

Grace Ann Cheng

Reagan Cloutier

Lindsay Cossey

Chloe Crowley

Yashodhara Enz

Lizbeth Fender

Brianna Finley

Lauren Guindi

Halle Hassett

Karen Tavolacci Holman

Misook Hong

Michelle Jonik

Carlin Koch

Carsen Koviak

Morgan Krupic

Heather Kudialis

Madeline Laurencelle

Joyce Lee

Ayla Raye-Leonard

Emily Leong

Ivy Li

Wei Vivian Li

Sahra Kiely Mckinnon

Sarah Mintz

Abbie E Moccio

Mikayla Morgan

Naomi Nichols

Tessa Quinn Nosanchuk

Kate O’Sullivan

Sarah Grace Peper

Kelsey Postler

Rachel Quigley

Jennifer Riske

Timothy Schaublin

Erica Segura

Carri Ann Shafley

Hana Shin

Rita Marie Sidhu

Kathy Sliwinski

Natalie Tanzy

Chloe Marie Velasquez

Jessica Viale

Emma Vollmer

Chelsea Wagner

Toby Waldman

Emily Watkins

Lauren Yake

Weijiao Zhou

Miriam Zick