A New IPE Perspective, Across 2 U-M Campuses

U-M nursing and respiratory therapy programs joined together across two campuses for a pilot teamwork simulation, while an IPE staff member unexpectedly got to provide a patient-family view.

Three U-M faculty members from two U-M health science schools located on separate campuses had been working on creating a novel educational session. The faculty members including U-M School of Nursing’s Linda DiClemente and Peggy Ursuy, and UM-Flint College of Health Sciences’ Respiratory Therapy Program Director Nicholas Prush wanted their students to collaborate interprofessionally on an issue seen frequently at hospitals by both professions: respiratory distress evolving from flu, cystic fibrosis, or other possible scenarios. They had briefed their students on where to be and when.

Yet the three faculty who had been planning the “Safety, Teamwork, and Escalation of Care” simulation wanted to raise the bar with a surprise element: they wanted someone to play the family member bringing the seriously ill 6-month-old baby in for emergency treatment.

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Group of students and faculty members in attendance for IPE simulation training