Coronavirus: U-M School of Nursing expert Sue Anne Bell discusses reliable information sources

U-M School of Nursing assistant professor Sue Anne Bell is an expert on the health effects of disasters. Rather than rely on dubious information about the coronavirus from friends, family or the internet, the public should call a nurse for accurate information, she says.

“Most don’t know there are quick, easy ways to call a nurse, which are free and don’t require appointments,” Bell said. “The United Way maintains a 24-hour helpline, reached by dialing 211 or on the internet at, that connects the general public with services. I called and was connected to a nurse in my community in less than five minutes. She answered all of my questions about coronavirus.

“Nurses can also be reached by calling local public health departments. There are more than 2,800 public health departments across the United States, staffed with public health nurses. Finally, most health systems, universities and health insurers have advice lines available to their consumers to call for nursing advice.”

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