U-M School of Nursing staff pivotal to launch of new online MSN programs


Online program image of computer on desk

The U-M School of Nursing announced the launch of three new online Master of Science in Nursing degree programs last month, and staff members are playing an important role in their development and delivery.

In addition to traditional residential programs, students will have the opportunity to complete their MSN in the Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner, Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner and Leadership, Analytics and Innovation specialties through engaging online courses, which officially begin in fall 2020.

“The Michigan difference will continue in our digital education just as it does in our residence education,” said Dean Patricia Hurn, Ph.D., RN, FAAN. “The person who earns their master’s in residence and the person who earns it digitally will have the same quality experience.”

Members of the Recruiting, Admissions and Records team are key to building this new class of online MSN students, using traditional and digital recruiting methods to reach prospects throughout the state and across the country. As applications arrive, the Graduate Program Office is developing new methods to manage off-site student relationships. The Project Management Office also plays a critically important role, coordinating vendor relationships, developing key design elements and participating in the quality assurance process.

Working closely with online program manager Noodle Partners, the Information Technology group is evaluating software applications to support the new online programs, which will utilize cutting-edge digital education methodologies to enhance student success. A revamped website highlights the Communications and Marketing team’s efforts to grow the U-M School of Nursing’s digital presence, complementing digital ad campaigns, social media strategies and brand development initiatives to help promote the U-M School Nursing opportunities to a larger audience.

“These programs will allow us to engage many more people to be Michigan nurses, and that is our ultimate goal,” said Hurn. “We think Michigan nurses are the best, and we want them everywhere.”