Facilitators of UMSN: Danielle Garner-Jones

At the University of Michigan we believe that success is a collective endeavor. While we celebrate the unique talent and drive that propels our students and faculty to achieve as scholars, we also recognize there is a skilled network of staff who support them along the way. 

"Facilitators of UMSN" is a series that will spotlight some of the 118 staff members at UMSN who use their expertise to help members of the UMSN community who are working towards their goals as scholars, educators and nurses. We hope you learn more about these talented and dedicated people through this series. 

UMSN Facilitator: Danielle Garner-Jones

Administrative Assistant Intermediate

Hometown: Romulus, Mich.

Joined UMSN in March 2004.

Danielle Garner-Jones celebrated her 20-year anniversary with the University in March 2018.

You are the first person people see when they come into the Dean’s Office. How do you describe your job?
I assist the dean with whatever she needs done. This includes travel arrangements, calendaring and meeting set-up. I route mail through this office, draft correspondence, and keep the office stocked with supplies. I also do proofreading and publication submission for her, and track down different pieces of information that she may need.

Of all the things that go through the Dean’s Office, what would you say are the top areas that you focus on?
Dean Hurn has outside meetings and university committees that she serves on, so that’s one. Then internal meetings with individual faculty and committee meetings for the school, like the Culture Champions and a new Safety Task Force. Finally, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiative work is very prominent in the Dean’s Office. It’s important of me to make sure she has all the information necessary to prep for these meetings and organize important notes or action items after the meetings are finished.

Do you have a role in any of these committees, outside of your regular duties?
Last year I served on the DEI Implementation Committee. This year I serve on the Culture Champions. The Culture Champions is a little bit more complex because there is so much that goes into ensuring we are building a good culture at the school. This year I was part of the graduation committee, which plans and executes the graduation ceremony. I feel I can contribute a lot to the commencement ceremony because of my background in student services. I came to the School of Nursing from the Registrar’s Office, and I started here in student services with the nurse practitioner masters’ programs.  

Sounds like you have a lot of balls in that air at all times with the dean’s busy schedule. What do you try to focus on every day to be successful?
My biggest goal is always to do my job well, to try to do my best. I try to make sure that the dean is where she needs to be and that she is well-prepared.

I guess I also try to leave a lasting impression. So when people hear my name they feel like they know me. I try to greet everyone who comes in by name, and be a friendly face. 

I try to always to be on top of things. I may fall short of it but that’s my goal.