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Faculty and alumni go far beyond the classroom and clinical settings to serve as thought leaders at the forefront of their fields. The U-M School of Nursing “Health for all” blog is a platform for them to share their insight and experiences with health care professionals and nursing students around the world. Excellence, accessibility to knowledge and equality of care are central to our school’s mission.

Hunger for knowledge: educating nurses on food insecurity

Written by: Deborah (McConnell) Dalebroux (BSN '02), MPH, RN, PHN

The nurse’s role and scope of practice are ideally situated to accurately assess and successfully refer patients to food resources, thereby improving nutrition to prevent and manage chronic diseases and promote healthy growth and development. Read the full story.


Three nurses gathered around a laptop

Measuring and improving cancer care: Nursing leads the way

Written by: Christopher R. Friese, Ph.D., RN, AOCN, FAAN and Alex J. Fauer (BSN ‘17), RN, OCN

Students and faculty at the University of Michigan School of Nursing practice clinically in addition to leading research efforts to address complex problems related to cancer care. Read the full story.