Statistical Collaboration


The School of Nursing’s Applied Biostatistics Laboratory (ABL) consists of experienced PhD and Master’s-level statisticians/faculty who collaborate with investigative teams in nursing, contributing their expertise to the designing of experiments, statistical analysis planning (including sample size justification), statistical analysis in support of grants, and preparing/submitting grant proposals.  They are typically included as co-investigators on grant proposals, and as such, are fully invested in the success of the research from the very beginning through to the publication of final manuscripts.  They are most effective when brought into the investigator team early during study inception, when critical decisions about experimental design, choice of primary and secondary outcomes, statistical analyses plans, and sample size are typically determined. 
The Applied Biostatistics faculty/staff can also provide collaborations or advice on the appropriate statistical approaches to analyzing pilot or unfunded research data that has already been collected. Theye will provide referral to other appropriate resources on campus if members of our team do not have the expertise or resources required to complete a requested analysis.


Guidelines for Budgeting Statistical Consulting Service

Members of the ABL provide free pre-award consultation for all faculty.  The most effective collaboration with our faculty will be involving them as co-investigators for a % FTE. However, post-award services may be provided on a fee-for-service basis if a member of the Biostatistics Lab is not already a co-investigator.  Faculty investigators should discuss post-award statistical support requirements with members of the ABL during initial consultations in order to determine the level of effort (FTE) required to adequately support the proposal. 


Contact Information

Robert Ploutz-Snyder, PhD, PStat®
Senior Research Scientist & Director
Applied Biostatistics Laboratory
400 North Ingalls Street, Room 1181
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0482
Phone: (734) 647-0462