Statistical Assistance


The Statistical Consulting Team (or Stat Team) is a group of expert statisticians who provide quantitative support to researchers in both preparing a grant proposal and carrying out an investigation.
The Stat Team can provide consultation on any statistical aspect of quantitative research and can conduct analyses on data. One of the Stat Team’s particular areas of expertise is conducting and writing power analyses as a means of justifying the sample size to be used in the grant proposal. The Stat Team will provide referral to other appropriate resources on campus if members of their team do not have the expertise required to complete a requested analysis.


Guidelines for Budgeting Statistical Consulting Service

The Stat Team provides free pre-award consultation for faculty. Post-award services are provided on a fee-for-service basis. Faculty investigators should discuss their post award needs during the pre-award consultation so the Stat Team can help determine the amount of time and personnel needed. 


Contact Information

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