Going Global for Faculty

The Office of Global Affairs supports faculty members who wish to develop global dimensions to their teaching, scholarship and service, whether that means teaching about or researching global health topics, leading classes or service-learning projects abroad or collaborating on interdisciplinary team projects with other U-M health professionals. 

Faculty Fellowship in Global Health

The Faculty Fellowship in Global Health is a 3-year, renewable opportunity to recognize the contributions of those currently engaged in this work and to encourage new initiatives to enhance our curriculum and our global impact. Fellowship status provides the following benefits:
  • Formalize mentoring by faculty experienced in global health research and teaching
  • Support and facilitation for global health research
  • Enhanced opportunities for educational exchanges
  • Leveraging of existing collaborative networks
Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis by a four-member Global Advisory Committee in partnership with the Associate Dean of Global Affairs. Faculty of all rank are eligible. Faculty interested in expanding into the global health arena may submit a proposal, with deliverables, outlining how they plan to globalize their current portfolio. Fellowship status will be renewed provided Fellows remain engaged in global activities.  

Developing New Faculty-Led Global Field Experience Programs

Faculty who wish to create a new global field experience for students abroad should consult the Global Academic Advisor and submit a notice of intent form as soon as possible.

Funding for Faculty-Led Field Experiences

Fellows in Global Health interested in leading groups of students in a meaningful immersion field experience will be eligible to apply for an administrative stipend of $5000 to support the additional work and administrative responsibilities of developing and coordinating such an experience. The stipend may be split among two faculty engaged in the same project. Funding criteria include:
  • Minimum of six nursing students enrolled or electing to travel in the faculty-led experience
  • Minimum duration of three weeks at the field site
  • Commitment of 24/7 responsibility for students as the administrative faculty for the term of engagement
  • No other sources of stipend may apply to the global immersion field experience 

Global Health Research

The Office of Global Affairs assists faculty in identifying and applying for grants to fund international research travel, both external and through other U-M campus units:
  • The International Institute's eighteen centers and programs provide expertise in specific regions of the world and in thematic issues such as international security, development, business and governance. Faculty can apply for a number of grants through the Institute, including State Department programs such as the Fulbright.
  • The University Library system has a wealth of online global health resources and a dedicated professional staff to assist faculty and students.
The Office of Global Affairs also assists in bringing international colleagues and researchers from partner institutions here as visiting international scholars to collaborate with our faculty.

Teaching Opportunities

The Office of Global Affairs assists faculty who wish to incorporate global health concepts into their teaching in the following ways:
  • Identify funding sources for course development and travel (Professional Development and Funding Resources for UMSN Faculty)
  • Assist in preparation of course development grant proposals
  • Identify clinical placement opportunities through partner institutions/organizations
  • Identify lecturing or guest teaching opportunities at partner institutions
  • Explore technological approaches to connect U-M classrooms to those at partner universities
  • Assist as needed in navigating U-M travel policy and predeparture orientation requirements

What to Know Before You Go

All faculty, students, or staff traveling internationally on university business (teaching, research, conferences, etc.) should register in the University Travel Registry. In addition, please review U-M's travel resources which include information on policies, health and safety and tips.

Faculty Traveling with Students

If you are traveling with a group of students, please review the requirements for group travel with students. Please consult with the Director of Global Outreach who can provide assistance with pre-departure preparation, safety planning, travel registration, and health insurance. Any group travel involving students to a location included on the U-M Travel Warnings and Travel Restrictions list must be approved by the Associate Dean for Global Affairs. It will then be reviewed by the U-M International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC). The Director of Global Outreach will help faculty navigate the approval process and make sure appropriate safety planning and pre-departure briefings of students take place. 
Please note: Earlier approvals may be revoked at the discretion of the Associate Dean for Global Affairs in the event that new, serious safety issues arise. Our ultimate concern is the safety of our faculty, staff, and students.
For a step-by-step breakdown of approval requirements and processes, review Faculty Traveling Internationally with Students
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