Faculty Global Engagement

As the Office of Global Outreach (OGO) encourages students to pursue global opportunities to enrich their educational experience, many School of Nursing faculty lead by example through pursuing research interests abroad. A partial list of faculty projects is below. We also welcome you to learn more about the programs and projects of all U-M faculty through Global Michigan.


Region of Interest

Global Teaching, Research and Practice

Sub-Saharan Africa: Ghana, Ethiopia
World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine Board member; Alerting Adolescent Women About Reproductive Education (AAWARE) (Ghana);  EM-PACE Seed Grant from U-M’s Third Century Initiative (Aksum University in Ethiopia)
Southeast Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa: Ghana, Ethiopia
Reducing maternal mortality; abuseof medication
Pacific Rim, Middle East, North Africa and Latin America (Mexico)
Developing Master’s level Nursing Education in Mexico
Nurse migration, brain drain, health workforce capacity, urban homeless populations; Global Ambassadors PhD Summer Research Institute
South Asia:  India
Videoconferencing sessions with India,  (“The Universal Thing” );
Faculty co-lead (W/Norma Sarkar) of Community Health Global Field Experience in India
Latin America/Caribbean: Mexico, Ecuador
Health disparities, maternal mortality, rural health
Developing Master’s level Nursing Education in Mexico
Latin America: Mexico
Faculty leader of HS 300: Spanish Language for Health Care Professionals in Oaxaca, Mexico
Southeast Asia: Thailand; Latin America: Brazil
Europe: Netherlands; Latin America/Caribbean: Honduras
Comparative health systems, safe motherhood, childbirth practices in developing countries, Midwifery clinical immersions in Honduras and the Netherlands; Global Ambassadors PhD Summer Research Institute
East Asia, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities
Parental influences on adolescents’ development in health behaviors with her aim being to develop family interventions to maximize positive interactions between parents and adolescents. 
Sub-Saharan Africa
Skilled birth attendants in Ghana, community-based Interventions, human rights, neonatal mortality; Ethiopia-Michigan Platform for Advancing Collaborative Engagement (EM-PACE ) Global Ambassadors PhD Summer Research Institute
Latin America: Mexico
East and Southeast Asia: Taiwan and Thailand
Sub-Saharan Africa: Congo
Gender-based violence, GBV in conflict settings
Sub-Saharan Africa: Ghana, Ethiopia
EM-PACE Seed Grant from U-M’s Third Century Initiative (Aksum University in Ethiopia); Alerting Adolescent Women About Reproductive Education (AAWARE)
Sub-Saharan Africa: Uganda
Psychosocial well-being of children and adolescents living with HIV and AIDS in Uganda and the measurement and promotion of mental health in sub-Saharan Africa
Southeast Asia: Thailand
Sub-Saharan Africa: Botswana; Northern Michigan: Latino migrant workers and Native American communities
Community Health - Weekly videoconferencing sessions with Botswana;
Southeast Asia: Thailand
Chronic disease in developing countries, human resources in nursing, community-based interventions; PI for  Strengthening NCD Research Capacity in Thailand;
East Asia: Japan;  Europe: Ireland
Comparative health systems, immigrant health, mental health, depression, transcultural psychiatry, gender-based violence
Sub-Saharan Africa: Ghana;  Latin America/Caribbean: Ecuador, Haiti; South Asia: India
Maternal/child health, health promotion. Faculty co-lead (w/Amber Dallwig) on undergrad immersion program inIndia; developed model to integrate global videoconferencing into undergrad  Community health nursing, with Haiti, India and Botswana.
Post-traumatic stress disorder after childbirth
Sub-Saharan Africa: South Africa, Namibia, Ethiopia
Sexuality and Sexual Health, Maternal Health in resource poor countries; Global Ambassadors PhD Summer Research Institute
Europe: Poland; Latin America: Brazil
Southeast Asia, Europe, Canada
Sub-Saharan Africa: Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan
Implementation and Evaluation of Home Based Life Saving Skills, South Sudan;  Master’s level clinical midwifery immersion in Uganda