Clinical mentors and preceptors

At the University of Michigan School of Nursing, clinical experience is central to our pedagogical philosophy and so clinical mentors and preceptors plays an integral role in training the next generation of nurse practitioners and leaders. For more information on the clinical component of our programs, visit the clinical placements page.

Attention all educators/mentors: Access the online student performance evaluation tool to submit your mentor feedback.


Mentor feedback


Preceptor’s basic role and responsibilities

  • Facilitate student learning through clinical instruction, guidance, direct observation, and feedback

  • Be scheduled on the same days, to the extent possible, that the student is providing patient care

  • Facilitate and/or assess the student’s use of clinical inquiry and clinical reasoning in planning for and providing clinical care

  • Assess and promote the student’s development and use of evidence-based practice

  • Actively engage in providing regular feedback to the clinical faculty about student performance

  • Inform the clinical faculty if student performance compromises safety of patients or other on the unit, or conflict with unit/hospital policies and procedures

  • Collaborate with clinical faculty or clinical resource in assigning learning activities across the continuum of care

  • Support development of the student’s understanding of the RN role, unit’s goals, system of care delivery, procedures, and client population

  • Participate in the ongoing process improvement of integration of the student as a team member in the delivery of patient care

  • Attend periodic unit-based and annual clinical team meeting


Preceptor handbook

The University of Michigan School of Nursing preceptor handbook, The Clinical Preceptorship: Guidelines for Success, includes information to establish guidelines and facilitate student role development during graduate clinical preceptorship experiences. The handbook also provides necessary materials, forms and contact information.