Distinguished Alumni Award Program

The Distinguished Alumni Award is awarded annually to alumni of the School of Nursing whose career contributions in nursing or health care are distinctive for their impact and have been recognized regionally, nationally and/or internationally.


  • Has made a significant impact on the profession of nursing
  • Has consistently demonstrated excellence in the practice of the art and science of professional nursing
  • Has demonstrated exceptional contributions to the profession of nursing and/or healthcare in one of the following specialty:  research, education, clinical practice, management/leadership, public health, community service or other
  • Is an innovator in professional endeavors
  • Has demonstrated exceptional contributions to the practice of a nursing specialty
  • Has functioned as a mentor in facilitating the growth and future development of nursing within the profession
  • Has not received a previous Distinguished Alumni Award
  • Is not a current member of the Awards Committee and/or the Board of Governors of the School of Nursing Alumni Association
  • Examples of specific practice areas:
    • clinical practice
    • education
    • research
    • leadership


Please submit your nomination online.
Upload the candidate’s curriculum vita or resume.
Nominators need not be alumni of the UM School of Nursing.



Nominations must be received by the Office of Alumni Relations by May 31 of the award year.


Contact the Office of Alumni Relations: nursingalum@umich.edu or 734-763-9710