Mentoring Nurses for Leadership Roles

Terms of Reference – Action Items

Making Pregnancy Safer: Communities of Practice

The U-M Collaborating Center supports the continued development and expansion of the Making Pregnancy Safer learning community, established to facilitate the sharing of best practices and evidence-based interventions in order to contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Maternal and Child Health.
The U-M Collaborating Center will also support the mentoring and training of nurses within the collaborating centers to assume leadership roles in new or existing communities of practice for members interested in taking on the role of facilitator.

Increased Skilled Birth Attendance

This proposed activity aims to design a proposal for a community-based intervention program dedicated to training community health workers to address the reduction of maternal and infant mortality within indigenous communities and marginal-urban areas through health promotion and prevention.

Home-Based Life Saving Skills (HBLSS)

This activity consists of conducting and evaluating a training of trainers (TOT) in HBLSS, a community-based intervention. HBLSS aims to reduce maternal and newborn mortality by early problem recognition within the home and community and by decreasing delays in reaching referral facilities, thereby increasing skilled birth attendance.

Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) Virtual Campus of Public Health

This activity consists of analyzing and adapting an existing six-month training course on health and local development currently in use in Latin America for the English-speaking Caribbean region. Existing learning materials, guides, and multimedia will be translated and then adapted for the most effective impact.