Jonas Scholars

The Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholars Program, created in 2008, is focused on increasing the number of advanced practice nurses who can excel as health care leaders, nursing school faculty and as primary care providers. The program also prepares doctoral candidates to help students address the needs of future patients, including dealing with co-morbidities and chronic illnesses and providing culturally competent care. 

Ph.D. and DNP students are nominated to become Jonas nurse leaders. 

The Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence has three key mission areas:

  • Developing outstanding faculty

  • Advancing scholarship

  • Sparking innovative practice

“The call for more nurses – and thus the faculty to prepare them – is massive. Healthcare in America has never been more complex, yet tens of thousands of would-be nurses are turned away from the profession each year,” said Donald Jonas, co-founder of the Jonas Center. “We’ve stepped up the pace and expanded our programs to meet this need.”

2016-2018 cohort

Nicholas Metheny (Ph.D.)
Kelly Roe (Ph.D.)
Emily Lanier (DNP)

2014-2016 cohort

Jade Burns (Ph.D.)
Elizabeth Eisenhauer (Ph.D.)
Daniel Ochylski (Ph.D.)
Deborah Totzkay (DNP)

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