Staff of the Clinical Learning Center

Jeri AntillaJeri Antilla, MSN, RNC-OB

Instructional Learning Intermediate
Areas of Interest: Obstetrics, research surrounding pregnancy loss, legal issues in nursing practice, patient safety initiatives, leadership, and simulation education. 
Outside Interests: Spending time with my family, traveling, and Michigan football. 
Professional Aspirations/Dream Work Environment: "I am currently pursuing my PhD in Nursing, which has been a life-long goal. The focus of my research is to identify ways of preventing and/or treating the negative impact perinatal loss can have on prenatal attachment and parenting of subsequent children following a loss in African-American women. Being able to work at a research intensive university is truly a dream come true."

Amy BlinderAmy Blinder, BS in Biology
Lab Attendant
Areas of Interest: The use of simulation technology in educating and training future health care professionals
Outside Interests: All things movies: film history, trivia, technique, and analysis. Reading - mostly non-fiction, playing guitar and chess, and all kinds of DIY projects
Professional Aspirations/Dream Work Environment: I plan to pursue a career in biological research.  My dream work environment is one where I can learn something new every day.

Rachel Derocher, BA in Psychology and Environmental Studies
Lab Attendant
Areas of Interest:  Interdisciplinary approaches towards health and wellness
Outside interest: Outdoor activities with my dog: hiking, running, and camping; reading and journaling; arts and crafts
Professional Aspirations/Dream Work Environment: As I grow professionally, I aspire to constantly learn new skills and improve the wellbeing of those around me. My dream work environment is filled with optimistic mindsets and outside-the-box thinking that inspires positive change.

Instructional Learning Intermediate
Areas of Interest:  Pediatrics, maternal and newborn health, mentoring, quality initiatives, leadership and simulation education
Outside interest: Family, travel, yoga, and reading
Professional Aspirations/Dream Work Environment:  I am currently pursuing a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) in Nursing Leadership. The focus of my project is to engage nurses to be leaders through nurse-to-nurse mentoring. My professional goal is to cultivate the next generation of nurse leaders through engagement, curiosity, and inquiry. My dream work environment is one that offers challenges and provides opportunities to cultivate critical thinking and creativity.

Nina FavorNina Favor, MSN.Ed, BSN, RN
Instructional Learning Intermediate
Areas of Interest:  Assessment skills, critical-thinking, diversity awareness, medical/surgical, nursing education, and simulation. 
Outside interest: Spending time with my husband and sisters going to Metro Detroit restaurants, taking my children to cultural events; dance, football, baseball, and volunteering at community health fairs/events.
Professional Aspirations/Dream Work Environment:  Remain current in evidence-based practices and theoretical frameworks in order to bridge gaps in clinical practices. My ideal work environment is to provide students a safe, fun, but challenging atmosphere that stimulates critical thinking and emotional intelligence in clinical and ethical dilemmas.

Ananda Nuechterlein
Amanda Nuechterlein, BS in International Politics 
Assistant Director of the CLC
Areas of Interest: Leadership, Talent Development, Schedule Optimization, Customer Service
Outside Interests: Family time with my husband, children, and dog; attending and volunteering with my church; spending as much time relaxing in the backyard as possible; reading and journaling
Professional Aspirations/Dream Work Environment: My professional aspirations are to use my talents, skills, and experience to make a positive difference in the world (believing that big change can start with small actions).  My dream work environment is positive, colorful, and bustling with activity. 

Ben OliverBen Oliver, EMT-P, I/C
Simulation Specialist/Coordinator
Areas of Interest: Education on all levels for emergency care (critical airway/trauma), simulation education, critical care, OB, and leadership
Outside Interests: Spending time with his family, outdoor activities: biking, hiking, camping, and water activities, community educational outreach (teaching With Survival Flight), and medical mission trips 
Professional Aspirations/Dream Work Environment: Lead the development of the equivalent of our 911 system in Kenya, Africa. Continue my own education and increase community education and awareness of advancements in simulation education. My dream work environment “would be much like I am in right now. We have such a great team in which where one is not so strong the other is strong. We have transparency, openness, and a willingness to work. Our team is always looking towards the future and how we can increase the educational development of our students.” 

Terri Soltis
Terri Ann Soltis, BSN, RN, CCRN
Instructional Learning Intermediate
Areas of Interest: Cardiology, Critical Care, bedside nursing skills, patient education, and patient advocacy.
Outside Interests: Traveling with my family, golfing, surfing...basically any water sport.
Professional Aspirations/Dream Work Environment: I would like to achieve a CNE and SIM certification. Working here at the U of M Nursing School has been a great fit for me. I have really enjoyed the teaching aspect of nursing. I work with a very knowledgeable and team-oriented crew which makes being here a lot of fun. 

Katie WilsonKatie Wilson, BSN, RN
Lab Attendant
Areas of Interest: Simulation education along with technology to assist in educating our future health care professionals.
Outside Interests: Traveling with my husband, family and friends. I am an avid walker and am interested in health related issues. My best role yet is being grandmother to my three wonderful grandsons.
Professional Aspirations/Dream Work Environment: I am retired from my nursing career and enjoy the flexibility that I have to further explore my interests and fun time. I enjoy the opportunity that I have been given to join the School of Nursing's Clinical Learning Center to give back by assisting our future health care professionals in any way that I can.