Certificate in Nursing Education

Specialty Appeal

Nursing faculty are in high demand. Schools of nursing across the country are faced with faculty shortages.  Such shortages lead to lower admissions numbers and ultimately, lower numbers of BSN-prepared nurses entering the workforce. At the same time, the demand for nurses is growing.
Teaching in nursing is personally both challenging and rewarding. The role of nursing faculty to shape the nursing workforce through sharing the practical skills of nursing and a love for the profession. Nursing faculty embodies the future of the field.
Becoming an educator is a way to open new opportunities within a nursing career. Combining already honed clinical skills with a passion for teaching provides individuals with the basis for new areas of exploration and discovery within their own field.


The Certificate in Nursing Education (CNE) is designed for individuals who seek to enhance their teaching skills and techniques in relation to the field of nursing. The CNE program is available to those who have already completed a master's or doctoral program and students currently enrolled in a master's, doctoral, or BSN to DNP program at UMSN.
Students learn theoretical and practical approaches to teaching and learning with particular focus on clinical education. An essential part of the program is learning to recognize optimal educational outcomes and, once identified, being able to define and implement the strategies necessary to achieving them.


Through a graded, mentored teaching experience, students actually practice teaching in nursing courses where they examine the faculty role, utilize principles of teaching and learning, implement educational assessment and evaluation strategies, and better define their key teaching responsibilities.


Currently-enrolled graduate students at UMSN should contact their advisor for application information.
Students who have earned a master's or doctoral degree in nursing at any accredited institution should apply for this certificate through the Post-Master's application process


Course Number
Course Name
Course Credits

Core Course

Independent Study: Graded Mentored Teaching Experience

Other Requirements

Completion of at least two sessions presented by the Center for Research on Teaching and Learning (CRLT)
Completion of two experiential or observational experiences at School of Nursing committee or faculty meetings 
*Students admitted/enrolled in the Certificate in Nursing Education will work with a UMSN advisor to develop an individualized plan to fulfill the CNE requirements.