Courses in Other U-M Schools Offered to Nursing Students

In various U-M School of Nursing academic programs, students must take certain courses that are offered by other U-M schools. These courses are listed in the below tables. For more detail including course credit and full course descriptions, please link to the reference page provided on the website of the U-M school offering the course.

Undergraduate Courses

Course NumberShort DescriptionCourse TitleReference Page of School Offering the Course
 BIOCHEM 212Biological Chemistry 212Fundamentals of Organic and Biological ChemistryBioChem Department Courses
ENGLISH 124English 124College Writing: Writing and LiteratureLSA Course Guide
ENGLISH 125English 125College WritingLSA Course Guide
PSYCH 111Psychology 111Introduction to PsychologyLSA Course Guide
PSYCH 250Psychology 250Introduction to Developmental PsychologyLSA Course Guide
STATS 250Statistics 250Introduction to Statistics and Data AnalysisLSA Course Guide