Nursing science, advocacy & professional organizations

Nursing is an expanding field. We keep up-to-date with current breakthroughs and important issues through the following advocacy groups and professional organizations in order to contribute to and learn from the larger local and international community of nurse educators, researchers, and practitioners.

Science and advocacy

Develops research and decision tools for public use.
Advances policy, practice through nursing knowledge. 
Voice for higher education in nursing.
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services office to support health
Works to strengthen the nurse workforce in the state. 
Promotes nursing research, recruits future researchers.
Advising the nation on health sciences.
Turning discovery into health.
Improves the health of all through nursing research. 
Supporting the health of our troops. 

Professional Organizations

Voice of nursing leadership in healthcare.
Mentors the development of future nurses.
Supports learning and development of nurses.