Summer 2017 staff newsletter

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Movement afoot in School of Nursing spaces 

UMSN is in the process of completing phase one of its space planning and implementation, bringing changes for some faculty and staff offices.

Several moves are happening in July and August, as UMSN continues to create the most effective use of space in both of its buildings. Two of the driving forces behind these moves are creating an environment that fosters more collaboration between faculty and staff who work together, as well as encouraging more movement between the two buildings. Stay tuned for more details about these and other moves happening around UMSN. Here is a list of faculty and staff offices changing locations this summer:

  • The Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities will move to the third floor of the 400 NIB, in the south corridor. More information on those room numbers will be available before the beginning of the 2017 fall semester.

  • New faculty in the department of Systems, Populations and Leadership will have offices on the fourth floor of 400 NIB.

  • Finance support team staff will move from the fourth floor of 400 NIB to the third floor of SNB.

  • Undergraduate Studies will move from their current location on the third floor of SNB to suite 1160 in 400 NIB.

  • The Project Management offices will move to the third floor of SNB.

In addition to these planned office moves, the School of Nursing will develop on overall space plan to accommodate future needs. This planning process is currently underway and more information on this process will be ready to share in the fall.

Go Blue Guarantee

U-M introduced a new initiative, the Go Blue Guarantee (GBG), to support in-state undergraduate students. It’s receiving a lot of attention in the media and in general public. This may not impact your day-to-day job, but as a representative of U-M you may be asked about how it works. Here are the key messages:

  • U-M will pay full tuition for accepted students from in-state families with an income of less than 65k.

  • It only applies to the Ann Arbor campus.

  • It goes into effect in Jan. 2018. Already enrolled students are included.

  • It only covers the first bachelor’s degree. A second bachelor’s or graduate degree will not be covered.

  • Financial aid will continue to come from a variety of sources such as Federal Pell Grants and State of Michigan scholarships. The GBG covers any gaps.

  • It does not cover housing, meals, books, etc. but students who qualify for the GBG may also receive additional assistance to cover these costs.

  • Students do not have to apply specifically for the GBG. It is automatically awarded to recipients after the completion of the general financial aid profile.

If you have questions, visit U-M’s Go Blue Guarantee website