Nursing News Sources

The University of Michigan School of Nursing contributes to and learns from the larger local and international community of nurse educators, researchers, and practitioners. As one means of keeping up-to-date with current breakthroughs and important issues facing the nursing community, the School presents the following outside news sources.
Voice for higher education in nursing. Read Policy Beat.
Develops research and decision tools for public use.
Advances policy, practice through nursing knowledge.
Voice of nursing leadership in healthcare.
Government organization protecting peoples' health.
Champion of strengthening nurse workforce in the state.
Forum for nurses from all facets of the field.
Promotes nursing research, recruits future researchers.
Improves the health of all through nursing research.
Seeks excellence in education for strong workforce.
Mentors the development of future nurses.
Support learning and development of nurses.
Government agency for protecting health of U.S. citizens.