Diversity Statement from Dean Hurn

The University of Michigan is committed to an environment that values and respects people of all genders, ages, races, sexual orientations or gender identities, cultural backgrounds, religions, abilities, nationalities, and beliefs. In keeping with these values, the School of Nursing places its highest priority on diversity, equity and inclusion, and seeks to ensure a positive, supportive climate in which all individuals are welcome.

We are a community that is built from diversity. We believe that diversity, the presence of difference, must be joined with equity, the parity of difference, and inclusion, an open welcome to difference. We recognize that conflicts between groups exist in our history and in our present, and we aim to be a space where we can work together to bridge the divisions among us.

To assist you in identifying the numerous resources supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion, the University offers Diversity Matters at Michigan, a comprehensive web portal that lists the many people, organizations and programs that support and advance diversity initiatives at the University of Michigan and beyond. Additionally, there are many professional nursing organizations and other external resources that you may find beneficial.

As a future nursing professional, your ability to be effective in your role will be vastly enhanced by your ability to provide appropriate and compassionate care to people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and abilities. I encourage you to take advantage of the countless opportunities available to you at the University of Michigan to learn about diversity and to interact with others who are different than yourself. Each and every person you encounter while you are here has something valuable to share and teach you – be open to finding out what that is.

We look forward to supporting your educational journey. 

Best regards,

Patricia D. Hurn
Dean and professor